I need your help. The show requires not only a lot of time and energy to research, but there are ongoing costs to cover, in bandwidth and infrastructure. Currently I am allowed only around 50mb per month, which is the equivalent of 40 minutes of medium quality audio. Your contribution will go toward improving the show and bringing a more quality listening experience. Any amount will help, but those who are able to pledge $5 per month will become Xecutive Producers with swag and special content. Finally, a Masonic honor you CAN buy!

Currently here are the improvement projects we are currently working on:

  • Upgrade Libsyn infrastructure to allow for more content more often (Cost $300 per year)
  • Mobile X-Oriente app for Android and iOS devices (Cost: $10 per month)
  • New theme and bridge music (Cost: $350)
  • Music performance licensing (so we can have music on the show) (Cost: still trying to nail that down…check back later)

Donate Any Amount

Yes! The quality of X-Oriente is worth supporting!

Become an Xecutive Producer


You can become an X-Oriente Xecutive Producer! Xecutive Producers help financially support the show and receive special content, an enameled lapel pin and a membership card, and their names lovingly inscribed on the blog. They also serve as our editorial advisory Board of Directors.

You can sign up at our Patreon Page.

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