Episode 1: Worthy and Well Qualified

August 6, 2005

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Welcome to the first show. Here is what we’ve got:
Chapter 1: Hello World!

Music: "Sex and Drugs and Rock and Soul," available at Mashuptown.com

Chapter 2: What makes a man worthy and well-qualified to be a Freemason?

Music: "When Sticks Were Swords" by Pilotbox. Available at Podcast NYC

Chapter 3: Investigating the Investigating Committee

Note that I neglected to say that the opinions expressed in this podcast are my own and do not reflect the official policies or opinions of any Masonic Lodge, Grand Lodge or Appendant Body. No one man speaks for Freemasonry. I’ll make sure to include that in the next episode.

Theme music by Cruisebox

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8 comments on “Episode 1: Worthy and Well Qualified

  1. Jason Wright Aug 8, 2005

    Fantastic job! This is right on the spot and facilitating these types of discussions is exactly what the fraternity needs. I’ll be listening from Texas so keep it coming.
    Jason Wright:Junior Warden, St. Alban’s Lodge #1455

  2. P. Venkat Aug 9, 2005

    Great work. Keep it up.
    P. Venkatraman
    Lodge Silvery Dawn No 7700 EC
    Mumbai, India

  3. Narayanan Aug 9, 2005

    I’m going to post this website address to all my Lodge Brethren, and let them benefit by it!! Great show, keep it up!!

  4. Br. Adam Aug 9, 2005

    Brilliantly outstanding idea, professionally done! I will keep listening from Europe. Being absolutely proud to be a member of Orientall33. I was delighted to listen to you Brethren.

  5. Eric Wylie, St. Alban's Lodge #1455 Aug 9, 2005

    Awesome! Keep it up!

  6. Jonathan Dietrich Aug 15, 2005

    Congrats on a job well done. I think that a few podcasts like this are invaluable. Keep it up..
    A couple points of criticism (all personal preference, so do with them as you will):
    * The over-the-top reverb and echo in the intro and outro are not required and I find them cheesy, much like using a BLINK tag in HTML.
    * The music under the speech could be left out, or should be made much more quiet. I want to hear YOU and the other Brethren.
    * I personally could do without the musical interludes… If you do have music, it would be nice if you announce the length of the musical segment prior to playing it… then if I decide I want to get back to the meat, I can skip ahead with confidence.
    Like I said. Good job! I look forward to hearing the future episodes.

  7. JIm Willig Aug 23, 2005

    Wonderful May I put this on our web site let me know.
    Jim Willig
    Worshipful Master Lodge Le Progres de’lOceanie

  8. Br.: Eric,
    Great job on the podcast! Let me know how I can help!
    M Benati

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